The Play Place aims to introduce young

children to the excitement and fun of tennis.

We have always wondered, why tennis didn’t follow the same logic as other youth sports like baseball or soccer, which use kid-sized fields and kid-sized equipment. Kids learn to play baseball by first playing T-ball; they use shorter, lighter bats and larger, softer balls. Yet tennis had to be taught on regulation sized courts, with compressed balls, nets that were often taller than the kids and racquets that they could barely lift.

Recently, the USTA has really focused on and have endorsed 10 & Under Tennis as the way of the future in terms of teaching and learning the sport

Now with tots to 10 Tennis, balls bounce lower, don't move as fast through the air and are easier to hit. Kids tennis racquets are sized for small hands and our courts are smaller and easier to cover. We even took it 1 step further; we built permanent kids sized courts with actual kids sized nets as opposed to movable nets. By using this format, the benefits are immediate and within a short time kids are rallying, playing, and excited to keep playing. That means our kids will have more fun and less frustration. They're playing real tennis and having real fun—and that’s what is most important.

We also believe that tennis is getting increasingly UN-affordable. Our focus is not only on making the sport less frustrating and the experience more fun and exciting for our kids but also more affordable for you the parent. We want to make it as affordable as all other indoor sports.

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Class Descriptions

Little Tiger Tennis - Tot & Me's first fun step! Gross motor skill development and basic racquet skills (2-3 years old)

Red Ball 1 - learn the fundamentals of racquet technique and court movement (4-5 years old)

Red Ball 2 - Fundamentals continued, Introduction to rallying and match play (5-6 years old)

Red Ball 3 - Rallying, Match Play, Advanced Skill Building and Court Awareness (7-10 years old)

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