All too often our children are placed in “learning” situations that set them up to fail right from the start. Our philosophy at The Play Place is“learning happens under the right circumstances”


Creating a smaller multipurpose sports field with proportional goals and 10 & under tennis courts, using smaller racquets, lighter balls, and shorter nets, puts kids in the perfect learning environment that is much more effective and rewarding. We ensure that kids feel successful right from the start.

We understand that indoor sports and recreation have increasingly become more and more expensive pricing most people out of the market. We want to not only offer an outstanding facility with a dynamic energetic staff but also deliver the promise of value for money.

All of our classes are non-competitive, using positive reinforcement to teach children sports skills in a fun, engaging, and educational environment. We’ve created specific programs tailored to the needs of young children. Our programs are designed to ensure that each child is learning a new skill, improving their self-confidence, and having a blast from the moment the whistle blows.

All kids enrolled in our programs are entitled to 1 hour of playtime on the day of their class on our Indoor Adventure playground. Siblings of program members are allowed to play free on the Play structure.


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