DUE to Safety Concerns, Open Play has been


discontinued until further noticed

Admission Prices 

(2 Hour Playtime)

Ages 12 months - 4 years 

Ages 5 years and up 

*Does not apply on major holidays or days off from school*

1. How long are we allowed to play for?

- You are allowed a 2-hour playtime.


2. What if we would like to play for longer than 2 hours?

- You are allowed to extend your playtime by purchasing another visit with our front desk.


3. What ages do you charge for and what is the maximum age a child can be?

- We start charging from 12 months old.  Under 12 months old are free when paying for an older sibling. 6 months old who use our toddler play areas are required to pay regular admission.


4. Do we need to bring Socks?

- Yes. Socks must be worn at all times while playing at The Play Place. Even adults NO EXCEPTIONS!


5. What if we forgot socks?

- Not to worry...We have socks for sale at the front desk


6. What is your policy with the field and Tennis courts?

- As long as there is no instructional class or session going on. It is open for play. Please check our online schedule to avoid disappointment. The admission charge remains the same even if certain areas are closed for classes.


7. Are you guys a drop off facility?

- Yes! On days off from school, we offer drop-off camps for School-Aged children 4 years and up. Any other times, there must be a parent or guardian during Open Play. 


8. Are we allowed to bring outside food into the Play Place?

- No outside food is allowed.