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Our Nursery and Pre-K

housed within Play Place


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Core Program

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Playful Literacy

Playful Literacy is the early literacy component of our pre-k program. This part of our preschool day focuses on building phonemic awareness skills like clapping out parts of words, rhyming, listening for sounds and learning about words all through play-based activities and themes. Our program uses Sounds in Motion and is based on Orton-Gillingham methods to teach kids through multi-sensory techniques in an explicit, step-by-step manner that builds a love of learning and a solid foundation for reading in kindergarten!

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Our program incorporates a daily STEM activity that focuses on our theme of the week. We have done colorful volcano explosions to learn all about chemical reactions and color theory, using oil and water to learn about density as well as playing with water temperatures to make clouds and many more experiments.

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In this segment of our preschool day, we focus on storytelling, conversational skills, and socialization skills while role-playing in different themes. We set up our drama room to correspond with our weekly theme. Themes have ranged from "R is for restaurants" to "TH is for theater" where we decorate and build out an entire room dedicated to this theme. Children learn how to role-play being a customer, ticket person, chef, camper, waiter, pilot, flight attendant and so many more roles in each theme!

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Our preschool program incorporates a daily sports or dance class run either by Coach Anthony ("Coach A") or the dance studio director, Ms. Lexi. Each day, we offer a 30-minute tennis, basketball, soccer or dance class and once a week, we enjoy the jungle gym. 

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