Admission Prices for Indoor Play

The Play Place has Re-open for your enjoyment!

We are delighted to announce that open play is back!!! After careful consideration and overwhelming demand, we are re-opening our play structure, field, tennis courts, and the general area to the public especially for the start of the bad weather. 


As always, KIDS AND THEIR SAFETY is always our number 1 priority. Considering the current pandemic, we have given this a lot of thought to ensure we open with your children’s safety as our primary responsibility. Here are some of the steps that have taken that in our belief, protect everyone.


1. We are only open to play on Saturdays & Sundays and we reserve the right to change that schedule.

2. Prepaid Reservation ONLY!! We are booking 2-hour playtimes starting at 11 am.

3. Only 15 children allowed during playtime.

4. One adult per child allowed in the facility. 

5. There will be a 1-hour cleaning of equipment and the play structure in-between playtimes.

6. Mandatory Mask for all. 

7. No outside food allowed

8. Limited and socially distance seating 

2-hour play admission

Ages 12 months and up




How to book your Open Play

  1. Log on to ""

  2. On our "Calendar" locate "Open Play slots" in Light Blue

  3. Click on the desired playtime slot.

  4. Click on "Book"

  5. Create and Register an account with us.

  6. The client's name should be your child

  7. Click "Buy Package"

  8. Select "Open Play" in "Reservation Type"

  9. Click "Buy"

Once you have created an account you will be able to use this in the future





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