Visit Santa @ The Play Place

Come meet Santa The Play Place 

We are delighted to announce that Santa will be coming from the North Pole to The Play Place this year!!!


As always, KIDS AND THEIR SAFETY is always our number 1 priority. Considering the current pandemic, we have given this a lot of thought to ensure we open with your children’s safety as our primary responsibility. Here are some of the steps that have taken that in our belief, protect everyone.

1. Prepaid Reservation ONLY!! 

2. Only One family allowed in the room with Santa

3. Mandatory Mask for all. 

4. The use of your own camera for pictures is allowed.

5. Limited spots 


Cost per family: $50  

How to book your visit with Santa

  1. Log on to ""

  2. On our "Calendar" locate "Visit Santa" in GREEN

  3. Click on the desired playtime slot.

  4. Click on "Book"

  5. Create and Register an account with us.

  6. The client's name should be your child

  7. Click "Buy Package"

  8. Select "Visit Santa" in "Reservation Type"

  9. Click "Buy"

Once you have created an account you will be able to use this in the future